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The Secret To Creating Better Habits

Steal my easy tips on how to break habits that no longer serve you and create lasting habits that help you in every area of your life

It's no secret that we're inspired to create a life of success and productivity! Staying focused and organized is the key to achieving this, and creating healthy habits is the foundation.

Great habits to create would be:

Some habits to break might be:

  • Consuming too much sugar

  • Spending too much time on social media

  • Being late to work

  • Always saying "yes"

  • Gossiping

Do you see something from one of these lists that you know you need to work on? Brainstorm some things you could be doing regularly to improve your daily routine and start to make those a habit. Consistency is the only way to create habits, so using some variation of a habit tracker is extremely useful in keeping accountability.

While we can all agree that "spring cleaning" is important, we believe that the best time to organize your life is now. Stop waiting for the new year, new season, or new month and just start.

Having a routine and consistency will make it much easier to be organized and productive each day, and habits are the base of each powerful routine. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. The hardest part about making or breaking a habit is that there is no instant gratification. When you track your habits you can start to visualize success. Tracking your success helps to motivate you to keep working on creating the change that you seek.

Habits are incorporated into our daily routines, and the bad ones might be hurting you more than you know. Snoozing your alarm when it goes off in the morning, putting dishes in the sink without washing them immediately, or even leaving your shoes by the door when you come inside your house--these are all daily habits that many people do without even realizing it. Imagine what you could accomplish with those extra 15 minutes in the morning if you didn't snooze your alarm. Each bad habit that you break is going to benefit your life in small but meaningful ways, through more time, increased productivity, or improved mental health.

Here is the bottom line: you have to start somewhere.

Start by drinking that first cup of water in the morning and making a daily to-do list, or saying no to soda...and then saying no again later. You have to just start and then do it again and again. Take each habit one day at a time until you begin to do it without thinking, that's when they will begin to stick around for good.

This week, take a look at what habits you're setting and ask yourself if they're beneficial or if they're hurting you in some way. Identify those bad habits, and set a plan for how you're going to stop doing them. Create a set of good habits you want to keep up with and start on them today. If you don't start today, then when?

You've got this, girl!

P.S. If you don't know where to begin, take a look at our latest release of habit and wellness trackers. These are instant printables - find one that fits your lifestyle!

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