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How to Use Your Ambition Planner

Starting your ambitious journey is simple. 

Day Planning

The Ambition Planner®'s ultra-luxe design and super unique approach to setting goals and organizing your day has made it the #1 90 Day Planner for Entrepreneurs and Professionals. If you want to know what your future holds look at the actions you take today. Starting your ambitious journey is an indicator that your future looks extremely bright.

Our 4 Life-Changing Areas of Focus
These tabs are the secret to planning a successful life

Our simple 4 tab approach to planning is the secret to achieving your most ambitious personal and business goals. Undated, monotask scheduling, 90-day planners help plan your life at your pace.

Click a tab and get started

Goal Setting
Goal Setting
Day Planning
Success Tools
Self Care

Goal'd up- goal-setting tab

Goald Up

top 4 Suggested goal'd up page Set Up

Pray about your next 90 day goals. Consider all of the things you would like to achieve over the year. Then I identify the top 4 (max) goals you would like to accomplish within the next 90 days. 

Follow the S.M.A.R.T. goal methodology to write out your 90-day goals

Use the weekly goal check-in FAITHFULLY. This is one of the most important tools to identify where you are in how you are progressing on your journey. 

Goal Reflection is your curtain call. Time to take a bow and celebrate all that you have accomplished. There are times that you don't complete a goal, which is okay. This is the space, to be honest about what went well, what you need to change, and if/when you would like to refocus on this goal.

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show up- day planning Tab


Suggested show up page Set Up

Our undated monotasking method to day planning is our secret sauce to success. Scheduling your day instead of writing an endless to-do list is proven to decrease overwhelm and mental fatigue and increase productivity and all over GOOD VIBES. 

Start each week (I suggest Sundays) by writing out ALL of the tasks that you know you need to complete on one of our notes pages. I date this task page by the week that I know I would like these tasks completed and sometimes the week before add notes to the page the week before. 

Add all known meetings and events to that week's pages. For example, I have a meeting every Monday at 9 am and this week I have a meeting at 2:30 pm and 4 pm. I already know that on Sunday so I add this as a placeholder in my day. 

Flip to your task list and identify your LARGE weekly task and when those tasks need to be completed. Try and block out time to complete this task before lunch or when your mind is most ready to tackle the "big stuff." If you are NOT a morning person, then schedule the small tasks in the morning. Taking a productivity audit and knowing when you are most productive is key to identifying how to schedule your day. 

Use your weekly task list to fill in the rest of the week. Schedule when each task will start and when it will be completed. Gamifying your day is one tool your new planner uses to help you become successful. Each time you complete a task within the outlined time your brain releases dopamine. This feeling of "winning" offers instant gratification that increases confidence and the focus needed to conquer the next level in the game of life.

Use the page a day spread to stay spiritually centered, affirm yourself, write out your micro-goals, and flex your vocabulary muscle.

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Level up- Success Tools Tab

Level Up

Suggested Level up page Set Up

We should have called this section the disciple tab, but level up just had a better ring. The work in this tab has been created to help you challenge your habits — the good and the bad. 

Most of us do not have the best relationship with money. Each week we work on identifying your spending habits and areas to improve your spending. 

Speaking of habits, our habit tracker is a visual representation of growth. On all or just 1 of the lines add a habit that is hoping to make or break for the next 30 days. Using a pen, marker, or color pencils shade each day you have achieved this goal. With each shaded day, you are saying goodbye to the hold and welcoming in the new. 

Meal prepping and grocery shopping can now happen inside of your planner or can be ripped out. Planning your meals each week is just as important as playing your day. Knowing what you will each for each meal reduces stress and helps you stick to your nutritional goals. 

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Glow up- self care Tab

Glow Up

Suggested glow up page Set Up

Show me your vision plan and I will show you your future. This section is by far - hands down the most important section of the whole planner. Your self-care or total body temple care is essential to success. They go hand in hand. Our approach to self-care is very unique - this is also the tab you should use every day. Success starts within. 

Every day you should be making sure you are keeping an eye on your self-care goals, every day you should be affirming yourself. Every day you should use your guided gratitude journal, and every day you should look at your vision board for this quarter. Your mindset controls your outcomes. 

This section of your planner is your secret keeper and there is no single way to use it. My only prayer is to use it every day.

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