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Making Positive Life Changes

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Changing your life? Sounds like a daunting task! The Ambition Planner has a secret for you: the 21/90 Day Rule. It's our favorite method of making positive changes in our lives and ensuring they last long-term. Keep reading to learn how you can break and create habits to change your life!

What is the 21/90 Rule?

The 21/90 Rule is the concept that if you can do a habit for 21 days, and then continue until it has been 90 days, it becomes a permanent lifestyle change. Commit to your goal for 21 days and it's just a habit. Commit to it for 90 days and it becomes engrained in your lifestyle!

What should this Rule be used for?

This rule is best practiced on something that improves your quality of life in a primary way. While flossing every night is good goal to have, the 21/90 Rule can make much bigger changes in your professional and personal life that will have positive outcomes.

Best Practices to Make This Change.

1. Make A Plan

  • Write the plan down.

  • Plan with others to ensure your success.

  • Set dates and times you will commit to this goal.

2. Focus

  • Focus on one habit at a time.

  • Don’t overload yourself.

3. Commit

  • Stay committed to your goals!

  • This is a lifestyle change, commit to it and you wreak the rewards.

  • If you have trouble committing, keep yourself accountable by checking in with yourself daily.

  • If you skip a day, make sure you don’t skip two days in a row.

We hope our knowledge and tips will help you achieve your most ambitious goals and change your life! Remember, changing your life doesn't have to be difficult with the 21/90 Rule. Our planners are perfect for helping you reach your goals and keeping your plans organized. Share your achievements with us! We love to see fellow Ambitionistas soaring past their goals. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and send us your new life-changing habits!

With love,

The Ambition Planner

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