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A Well-Read Woman is a Dangerous Creature

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

3 easy ways to improve your vocabulary and boost your confidence.

As Ambitious women, we are constantly reading through novels and articles to encourage our self growth. However, we all have also stumbled across words that we are unfamiliar with.

While there is no exact number of words in the English language as language is constantly changing and evolving, the amount of words out there is vast. As a kid we spent time in school having vocabulary and spelling quizzes, but since then those efforts have stalled. However, the Ambition Planner’s daily Vocabulary Builder is here to bring it back.

So why would you want a daily vocabulary builder?

There are many reasons you should be interested in a vocabulary builder, but we’ll just tell you about a few.

  1. Having greater vocabulary helps you understand what someone is trying to say or what they mean - it can also help you express your own feelings better.

  2. With this increased understanding it boosts your ability to grasp ideas, which in turn, helps you think more logically as a result.

  3. As an Ambitionista, you will often find yourself surrounded by the vocabulary of others. Being able to keep up and excel in that environment will give a positive impression that will boost your confidence.

Overall The Ambition Planner can help you towards building a better you by developing your vocabulary. Knowledge gives confidence, and we want to help inspire goal crushing women to reach their goals, professionally and personally. Helping your words have power and being more educated is an invaluable resource. Open up your world with learning one more word a day with our daily vocabulary builder.


The Ambition Planner

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