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The Power of a Vision Board

How to create a space to hold your dreams

I’m sure when you think about a vision board, a few images come to mind. Some clippings from a magazine and a glue stick to create a collage of images, words, or anything that inspires and motivates you to work toward your goals come to mind. What if I told you that your vision board could be your most powerful resource for reaching your goals?

After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

The best part about creating a vision board is that you can choose to add absolutely whatever you want. This is your vision and it is meant to inspire you to work hard every day, so, dream BIG.

When you’re thinking about what you want to include, try to brainstorm about the next 90 days—what do you want your life to look like in three months? Thinking in a 90-day time frame will allow you to create attainable and relevant goals for yourself and will make it easier to track the progress you’ve made during your journey. It may sound like a small amount of time but click here to learn how it can change your life.

Visualizing all of your goals and aspirations will give you the opportunity to really contemplate what you want and make them concrete and tangible. Your vision board should be something you want to look at every day that will light a fire inside and make you say, “I can do this”.

Along with adding some of your dreams and goals, add some aspects to your vision board to help you manifest how you want to feel. We suggest asking, "What makes you genuinely happy?" This is overlooked way too often when self-love should be a key aspect of goal-setting. Include something on your vision board that reminds you to show yourself love on a consistent basis. Hint: This would be a great place to stick some affirmations!

So let me give you the tea...

Your 90-Day Planner already has a section for you to create your own vision board (yes, even our digital planner!) so that you can keep it alongside your schedule, affirmations, devotionals, and all of the other tools you’ll use to crush your goals. The best place to put your board is somewhere you will see it every single day, so keeping it with your schedule, budget, lists, etc. alongside can help keep your vision for yourself top of mind.

Seeing your vision board and being constantly reminded of what it is you're working to achieve is going to subconsciously motivate you. You'll begin to do things each day that will move you closer to reaching your goals and not even realize it, but it’s fueled by that constant reminder.

A vision board can also be a powerful tool when you feel like giving up or that you aren’t successful. Let it motivate you to keep pushing forward and to work hard. Recite affirmations from the board and really try to put them into practice as you go about your day. Your vision board can only be as effective as you let it be, so make sure you’re soaking it in every single day and visualizing yourself as if you have already accomplished everything.

Now that you’ve learned about how powerful a vision board can be in reaching your goals, flip to the back of your Ambition Planner and get started making yours!


The Ambition Planner is a black-owned small business that celebrates diversity and cultural inclusivity. As we begin Black History Month, The Ambition Planner is sharing Faces of Ambition on our social media. Check out our Instagram to discover and connect with these amazing and ambitious women of color.


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