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How to Increase Productivity Today!

5 Must-Dos You Can Start Today That Will Change Your Tomorrow!

Let’s face it, being busy is not the same as being productive. This is your year to set boundaries with your time and control your day. In this post, we will give you our top 5 time management tips that every "it girl", girl boss, and entrepreneur should do to increase productivity today!

Stop Being Busy — Start Being Productive

1. Time Blocking Your Day: To-Do lists are fun but when they’re endless? Nah. Time Blocking means planning your day based on chunks of time. It helps reduce stress by allowing you to schedule your most challenging tasks first in a given time slot. Not only does this force you to commit to your work but helps you hold yourself accountable. The Ambition Planner is created to schedule your day in time blocks rather than an endless to-do list!

2. Be Productive, Not Busy: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, being busy doesn’t mean being productive! It feels nice to be doing many things, but that doesn't always mean doing them well. When it comes to managing your time and getting things done, it's important to know that being busy doesn't matter, being productive is where it's at. The difference between taking on 5 projects in a day and finishing bits of each and taking up 2 projects and finishing them- is that one makes you busy whereas the other makes you productive! What would you choose?

3. Multitasking Is a LIE - Mozart once said

The shorter way to do many things is to do one thing at a time.

The only way to achieve your daily goals and tasks is by MONOTASKING. This means focusing on one task at one time. When we monotask, we can better focus on each task and can get things done more efficiently as a result of this, we get more things done during the day... which is ultimately the goal. To do this effectively, prioritize the two most important tasks you have to get done. If they’re time-consuming and challenging, make sure to do them first OR during a time when you're most productive. Once that is done and out of the way, the following tasks become much easier to achieve

4. Keep Your Priority Promises: You can only finish if you start- and you start by prioritizing. One of the key factors for managing your time well is prioritizing your tasks. What's most challenging? What's most important? What's going to take the most time? What's going to make money for my business? Write out your weekly priorities and work towards these goals. Don't lie to yourself about what is most important just because it's easy

5. Stop Being Addicted To Distractions: Overcommitting yourself and multitasking are all done out of fear and insecurity of not being productive enough or achieving enough {Yep, I just read your whole life}. If we are distracted we don't have to focus on the hard task, our goals, or our long to-do list. It just gives us the illusion that we’re doing something, at least.

Whoever said “time is money” was SO right! Apply these tips TODAY to reclaim your time, don’t forget to purchase the Ambitious Planner to maximize your productivity and achieve your most ambitious goals.

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