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How to Improve Your Money Habits

Changing your money habits starts with your money mindset

Do you have a spending habit that keeps you in debt? Maybe you are ready to change your spending habits but don’t know where to start. In that case, head over to our latest blog post about Owning your Money Mindset to get some ideas and resources to start your journey!

A big part of reaching the goals you set is visualizing yourself right there at the finish line. One of the best ways to do this is to create a vision board! Luckily, our 90-Day Planner already has a space dedicated for you to create one easily. The best way to do this is to fill your board with pictures, quotes, or anything else you feel inspires and motivates you to chase your dreams every single day. Visualize your next opportunity and how you will take advantage of it and conquer it!

As you know, we are super big on affirmations. These are basically statements that provide reassurance and confidence to whatever aspect of your life you’re focusing on. In this case, we want to empower ourselves to chase that bag and be financially responsible.

Repeat these affirmations

“I am wealthy in more ways than one.”

“All of the resources I need are within me.”

“I will become wealthy doing what I love.”

“I am focused on achieving financial happiness.”

“I control my money, my money does not control me.”


Having an accountability partner is pretty important when trying to make or break habits, so let us be yours! This week, The Ambition Planner is hosting a challenge on our social channels to detox and reset your mind and your finances. Start your challenge and keep up with everyone else participating through our Instagram page and don’t forget to tag/mention us when you post!


We are dedicated to crushing our goals within these next few months and keeping a money mindset and we want to help you to accomplish this too! Replay our Money Mindset course over and over and allow these tips to become your habits

As always, we hope you’re living your most ambitious life.

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