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The Essential Planner for Bossing Up

Being a she/her/they on the go is hard, it's tiring, and sometimes draining. You might feel like you have no fight left in you some days, or that you are just going through the motions.

The best way to fight this feeling is to commit to a "bring it on" mindset shift

Being productive and getting stuff done will help you feel more fulfilled throughout your week and of course, allow you to be organized and efficient. do you manage to get all of this done when you have such a small amount of time? The answer is *always* to PLAN!

If you're an Ambitionista, you know that time is money, which means every bit of it is valuable. The best way to take advantage of the time you have is to incorporate your everyday planning into your digital devices! You keep your phone, tablet, or laptop on you almost every single day, so why not use these devices to stay organized? It keeps it clean, simple to use, and efficient.

Of course, having a physical planner is just what some prefer. However, as we move more and more into the digital era, let's admit it--we are all on electronics constantly. How easy is it to pull out your tablet or iPad and click over to your digital planner?

When you first wake up in the morning, you're grabbing your cup of coffee or tea and sitting down to prepare for the daunting day ahead. You're probably going through your emails, responding to texts, checking social media. Use this time to swipe over to your digital planner and begin organizing your day. Plan out the priorities, your to-do list, meals for the day, and anything else you need to make sure you are as productive and efficient as possible throughout the day.

Personally, I know when I'm constantly running around and trying to complete things, it's easy to try and compile a mental list of what you need to do or remember, and hours later you've completely forgotten or become overwhelmed. By using a digital planner, you don't need to constantly have that physical copy with you wherever you go, because let's be honest-it usually just sits right on our desks.

"Being a BOSS is not a Job, It's a State of Mind."

Not only can you plan out your day in the digital planner, but it gives you the opportunity to keep up with acts of self-care and check-in with your mental health...because who said technology has to be a bad influence? Type out three things you're grateful for when you first wake up, that way you have those close to you throughout the day when you need a reminder.

The beauty of the digital planner is the simplicity of use. We are already carrying around these devices with us constantly, they're easily one of the most important objects we have because of all they can do. Your planner should be on the list with your most important items because of how crucial it is to maintain an organized and grateful life, especially when it also doubles as a budgeting tool, calendar, meal planner, or dictionary.

The question really should be: why wouldn't you want a digital planner?

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