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Digital Planner .vs. Paper Planner

Top 5 Reasons To Purchase a Digital Planner

Do you purchase a paper planner every quarter or year with such excitement to only find it unused on the shelf months later? If this is you might I interest you in a digital planner? One thing I KNOW you don't put on your shelf for months is your phone or tablet. As a busy entrepreneur, you need the convenience that having an undated digital planner in your palm at all times.

The Ambition Planners yearly digital planner includes (but not limited to)

Daily Planner Pages

Meal Planner

Financial Planner/Budget

Affirmation Directory & Vision Board

Goal Setting & Habits Trackers

Self Care Planner

Yearly Calendar

Digital Stickers

Top 5 Reasons To Purchase a Digital Planner

1... Convenience: Instantly downloading your planner into the Goodnotes or Notability app means that your planner is with you at all times. Now when you enter a meeting you can fit all your things in one bag, pull out your tablet to take notes, and coordinate your schedule. And the absolute best part is that you can write or text right on the screen.

2... Customizable: If you want your notes pages before your daily schedule pages now you can just move the pages to fit your process. Customize each page to fit your personal aesthetic with digital stickers and planner covers that best fits your personality. Now, you will NEVER run out of stickers again. Everything in our yearly (annual) digital planner is reusable so you are saving a pretty penny every year on a new planner.

3... Easy to use on the go: Have you ever been on an airplane, sitting by the window and realized that you left your tablet in your carry-on bag? Ugg, the hassle of having to wait to stand up and move everyone and everything just to get your tablet discourage you from even trying. Now you can continue planning, editing your schedule, journaling, and tracking your goals and habits from your cellphone. Having the option to float between products reduces the excuse not to stay on top of controlling your day

4... Declutter: We have so much to keep up with - from kids to keys. Being able to remove one more object from your home and work improves our environment. I've seen people who use both a digital and paper planner trying to hold on to both worlds. In the end, neither is serving them. Less is best!

5... Is it for you? Well, honestly only you can answer that question. Here's what I know. Planning is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Since we are investing in your mental well-being we offer both. Find which product fits your specific needs and habits and use it!

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