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How to be Ambitious and Connected

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

So, you're at a networking event (pre - COVID) and you collect tons of business cards. You walk away and think that you’ve networked. However, the part that we tend to forget about is following up on the connection. This is actually networking!

Here are some quick tips to salvage those cards and connect with more people on a daily basis to make your money moves, girl!

1. Actually Attend Business Networking Events

Don’t be afraid to get social after work hours. Here are some of our favorite websites to find networking events on:

  • Facebook Events - This usually has events specific to your area.

  • Eventbrite - A great source to find different events, even online webinars you can join!

  • The Riveter - A new networking platform for women that offers unique webinars and events through local offices to help you expand on your career and connect with The Riveter community.

2. Make that Connection

  • It is suggested by Forbes Magazine that following up should be with an email and then connecting on LinkedIn within 48 hours of the event.

  • After connecting, make sure to keep track of those who were recently contacted and reach back out in a couple of months to reconnect.

  • The Ambition Planner has a section for you to note who you would like to connect with each week. This is a great way to keep track and make connections in an intentional manner.

3. Be Generous

  • It’s important to keep the concept of giving before you get.

  • Be thoughtful and don’t expect everyone to reciprocate these actions.

  • Remember birthdays and business events can be a great way to reconnect.

4. Tap Into Your Community

  • Community events and engagement are a great way to connect with people close to you.

  • Building relationships in the community can always end up in your favor.

  • Being genuine in helping others in the community will allow them to step up for you and promote your business naturally.

5. Ask For What You Want

  • Our last tip is - don’t be afraid to be upfront. As women, we need to stop and ask for what we want. Be a confident and assertive woman!

We hope these tips with aid in your networking success. Let's go network, ladies!

With love,

The Ambition Planner

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