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I coach Christian women to reach their business goals through accountability. Let's work together to scale your business to
6-Figures and beyond. 

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the next level ?

You have finally discovered the coach who truly understands your needs and is here to guide you every step of the way. We specialize in empowering female entrepreneurs just like you, providing the unwavering support and proven strategies needed to conquer your goals and unleash your true potential.

What Makes Ambition Coaching Different?

You NEVER sit in front of pre-recorded videos and watch me talk about topics I think are important. 

Together We Address The Mindset and Limiting Beliefs That Have Been Holding Your Back From Reaching Your Goals 

We create a completely customized plan to address your specific business goals and use the power of accountability to help you reach your desired outcomes

We work at your pace. Monthly or Quarterly coaching sessions packages are available to fit your schedule.

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This Will Never Be You

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You have a unique business with unique needs. You will never sit in front of a pre-recorded video and teach yourself how to be successful. Each coaching session is live and customized to your specific needs. 



Using the 4-step G.O.A.Ls formula I have 10x+ my monthly revenue and have created a reusable plan to reach my goals every quarter


How Does It Work

We Offer Monthly or Quarterly Coaching Sessions

Programs to fit your schedule


Strategic Planning Session with your coach to help identify a plan of action to reach your goal(s). We offer Monthly or Quarterly Coaching Sessions

One - on - One Sessions to review your progress, celebrate your wins, and together create the next milestone —  helping you stay laser-focused


Daily Check-in and encouragement (not automation) to answer questions and help solve challenges. Communication with your coach is key to success 


Goal Charting Software is used to help you see your progress and plan for the days & weeks ahead




You are tired of wasting time and spending money trying to live the life of your dreams

You are completely over the course and pep talks that motivate you but fade over time

The dread of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious is taking its toll on your physical and mental health


You're ready to know what it feels like to have control over your time and budget

You have tried to do it on your own and fallen short time after time

Is True

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Deon Stokes @TheFaceOf Ambition
Certified Business Coach & Mentor Specializing in Accountability

Hi, I'm


For almost 2 decades I've helped women just like you. 


  • Scale their businesses to over 6 & 7 figure months

  • Manifest their business and personal goals

  • Find clarity, reduce overwhelm, and align their intentions


As a 4x Founder, I have failed countless times in business. The joy in failing is the lessons that you learn. When I reviewed my entrepreneurial career the ONE thing that helped me reach my goals was accountability. The times where I have exceeded our quarterly and annual goals I had a coach holding me accountable to my goals. Since realizing the POWER of accountability I have dedicated my career to helping other female business owners avoid the mistakes that I have made and skip to the good part. Realizing their most ambitious business goals with unrelenting accountability. 


This Is What I've Been Missing!


We have created a CLIQUE of accountability partners who are strangers (which is very important) that are working together and helping each other reach their individual goals

A Network

Your Clique will become family. You are networking with like-minded women who share the desire for more. They are tired of doing the same thing the same way and are unapologetically ambitious


A Coach

 You are given a dedicated coach who is going to guide your growth. Offering grace when it is deserved and applying pressure when it is needed.

A Plan

Your Plan, Your Dream, Your Purpose, Your Life. We are here to support it. Just as fluid as life is, plans can be altered. But a plan and goal are different. We will reach the goal, the plan will have to just learn to keep up. It can change and bend but it will be met.

A Goal

Most goals can be achieved in 90 days if it is created using the SMART goal methodology. We will work together to create meaningful goals that will allow you to live the life of your dreams

A Deadline

This is the most important of them all. A deadline gives your plan's purpose. Our deadline is already set - 90 Days. Most BIG goals can be met in 90 days if they are created with intention. All you need is focus and accountability

Reaching Your Goals Is a Form of Self-Care

Still Not Convinced This is For You?

Listen To Their Transformation Story


$9,899 FOR 12 SESSIONS

most popular


most flexible

  • Strategic Planning Session

  • *Quarterly VIP Coaching Day ($5,000 value)

  • Monthly (12) Business and Goal Setting Sessions

  • On-Demand Communication with Your Coach

  • The Rapid Business Growth Bundle ($1,997 value)


  • Access to Monthly Mastermind Courses ​​

  • Discounts on Ambition Planner Brand Products and Services

  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Member of a Powerful - Spiritually Centered Online Community

  • Strategic Planning Session

  • Quarterly (4) Business and Goal Setting Sessions

  • Monthly (4) Business and Goal Setting Sessions

  • On-Demand Communication with Your Coach

  • The Rapid Business Growth Bundle ($1,997 value)


  • Access to Monthly Mastermind Courses ​​

  • Discounts on Ambition Planner Brand Products and Services

  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Member of a Powerful - Spiritually Centered Online Community

Only 8 Spots Available

Space Is Limited

If You Pay in Full You Can Use


*What are VIP Days? Glad you asked
VIP Day is a dedicated day where Deon acts as your employee. You work together from 4 to 8 hours that day on your specific business or marketing issue. Use her to help you tackle your most challenging issues.

Still Not Convinced? 

Let's hop on an absolutely FREE call and discuss your specific needs and desired outcomes. 

Don't Allow Fear And Doubt To 
Hold You Back From Reaching 
Your Most Ambitious Goals


You Achieving Your Most Ambitious Business Goals In The Next 90 Days

Scaling Your Business

Starting a Small Business

Saving Money

Becoming More Disciplined

Getting Organized

Improving Your Mindset

Building Your Brand

Increase Your Social Network

Align Your Habits with Your Goals

Perfecting Your Daily Schedule

Start a Side Hustle

Become a Podcaster


Start a YouTube Channel

Increase Your Public Relations

Become a Social Influencer

Improve Your Marketing

Make a Career Change

Experience Financial Freedom


And So Much More!


What If My Goal(s) is Super Specific? Can This Work For Me?
Yes, we are going to create a specialized plan for each person based
on their specific needs

What If I Choose The Wrong Clique, Can I Change?
Before you are a member of a clique you and your mentor will work together to ensure that you are a member of the exact clique that will help you reach your goals. 

Do You Offer Refunds If This Process Is Not For Me?
No. Because you receive access to our program immediately we can not offer a refund. However, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that we exceed your financial investment

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