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Launch Your Dream Product or Service Based
Business In Just Weeks

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Curated Specifically for Ambitous Women of Faith 

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Why "Clique.ish"? We are a community of women who support each other's dreams and prayers all while holding each other accountable for reaching their most ambitious goals.


The secret to launching your next dream product, profitable service, or unforgettable event is...


01. Eliminating Limiting Beliefs and Increating Business Confidence

02. Setting Goals, Habits, and Bounderies that Support My Business Growth

03. The Exact Steps It Will Take To Launch 


04. Marketing Strategy To Increase Visibility and Attract Your Ideal Client

05. Experience The Financial Freedom of Your Dreams

And that leads to doubting you can make money and questioning if you’ve got what it takes.

I'm The Woman Who Is Ready To
Reach My Most Ambitious Goals

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I'M THE WOMEN... who has allowed doubt and procrastination to stand in the way of pursuing my business goals

I'M THE WOMEN... who is always supporting others but needs expert help and accountability to reach my business growth goals

I'M THE WOMAN... who is ready to help other people thrive with my product or service

IF you're this woman, I am here to support you!

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Business Growth                   Create With You In Mind


6 Week Product or Service Business Course

Absolutely Everything You Need To Lauch a Successful Business

This 6 Week's Course has Been Mindfully Curated for Christian Business Owners Who Need the Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Successful Business


  • Accountability Checks

  • Communication w. Your Coach

  • Motivation + Inspiration


  • Live Group Growth Sessions

  • Self Pace Course Content

  • Mindset Exercises


  • Increase Your CEO Confidence

  • Business Plan & Strategic Plan

  • Launch Your Dream Business


  • Communication with Members

  • Discounts on Products

  • Freebies and Downloads

Build The 6 Figure Business of Your Dreams In Just 6 Weeks


Clique.ish 6 Week To Launch Course

1 Payment

$498 USD

2 Payments



During Your 6 Week Coaching Program You Will Have Access To Our Libray Of Content. Each Self Paced Course Gives Your The Step by Step Expert Knowlege Of How To Have A Successful Launch

The CEOBusiness Development & Clarity

01. Mastering Your Mindset

02. Attainable Goals & Aligning Your Habits

03. Clarity, Vision & Ideation

The Business: Branding & Business

01. Building a Brand - Brand Identity + Authenticity

02. Finding Your Ideal Customer

03. Create Your Business Plan

04. Let's Get Social - Social Media Marketing Plan

EXECUTION: Branding and Social Media

01. Processes & Systems

02. Pricing, Budgets & Profits

03. Building Your 6 Figure Business

04. The Action Plan: The Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Business

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Hi, I'm


For Almost 2 Decades I've Helped Women Just Like You...


  • Scale their businesses to over 6 & 7 figure months

  • Reach their business and personal goals in 90 days

  • Find clarity, reduce overwhelm, and align their intentions


I am highly gifted and passionate about helping women reach their most ambitious goals. As a 4x Founder, I have failed countless times in business. The joy in failing is the lessons that you learn.


When I reviewed my entrepreneurial career the ONE thing that helped me reach my goals was accountability. The times where I have exceeded our quarterly and annual goals I had a coach holding me accountable to my goals.


Since realizing the POWER of accountability I have dedicated my career to helping other female business owners avoid the mistakes that I have made and skip to the good part. Realizing their most ambitious business goals with unrelenting accountability.

Certified Business Consultant and Accountability Coach

Need More Proof?

Here's What She Had To Say...

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Clique.ish 6 Week To Launch Course

1 Payment

$498 USD

2 Payments


You Have Procrastinated Long Enough, Today Is The Day You Choose You!

You Are 85% More Likely To Reach Your Goals With An Accountability Partner


Well, let me ask you this. How much have you made my thinking about starting a business or from watching "how to" videos on YT? I'm sure you are tired of trying to piece together information from free sources to only be stuck in the same space you have always been. Joining The AP Clique is an investment that goes beyond monetary returns it's a transformational experience. You are going to have to put in the work but the empowerment, dedicated community, personal growth, habits, resources, and successes you will receive are priceless.


So, here's the deal... you have procrastinated long enough. It doesn't take years to be successful, but it does take a strategic plan of action. Fear of failure and limiting beliefs have held you back long enough. God had gifted you a business idea, this is your opportunity to live within your purpose. 


You're right, most of my students are making more than $30,000 a month as a side hustler, but that didn't happen day one or day two. I'm not going to lie and say this will be easy but I am going to promise you that this method works if YOU WORK.  My goal is to help you exceed your expectations

In The Room

Let Me Address The 

Pink Elephants

Launch Your Dream Product or Service Based
Business In Just Weeks

AP Logo Gold and White-14.png

Curated Specifically for Ambitous Women of Faith 

5 Day Accountability Challenge (12).png

Enjoy My FREE Masterclass on
How To Launch Your Product OR Service Business with $0 



What If My Goal(s) is Super Specific? Can This Work For Me?
Yes, we are going to create a specialized plan for each person based
on their specific needs

If I Don't Have a Business Goal Can We Still Work Together?
At this time I am only focusing on individuals who are working on starting a business, growing their existing business, or nonprofit

How Does The Guarantee Work?
If you are not satisfied with your results after 90 days I will continue to work with you on reaching your goals for another 30 days

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