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Female Friends
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STOP Holding Yourself Back — START Holding Yourself Accountable


Reaching your goals takes a lot of work — but you don't have to do it alone.     
You have found your perfect CLIQUE and finally, have the
accountability partner and
coaching you need to achieve all your goals. 

You are 85% more likely to reach your goals with accountability! 

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Reach their BIG goals in the next 90 days

Start a new business and create the life of their dreams

Have consistency in your cash flow

Lose weight and have the body they desire

Reclaim your TIME and be more present 


Be a part of a faith-centered community of like-minded women 


What You Have Been Missing Is...

When You Join Clique.ish You Instantly Receive

Weekly Goal Setting Check - In Emails

Monthly Mastermind Courses from Industry Leaders

Weekly Affirmations and Mindset Exercises

Weekly Organizational & Goals Challenges 

Goal Setting Assessments and Guidance

Free Downloadable Content and Products

Just $23 Per Month


Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

Female business owner who has spent several years and a lot of money trying to build their business but can't quite put the pieces together

You're tired of being overwhelmed, unorganized, and don't have complete control of your finances

The trending diets and everything weight loss app, book, and blog have left you feeling hopeless and you are still trying to meet your weight-loss goals 

Have tried to do it on your own and fallen short time after time

You know haven't hit your highest potential but you feel like achieving your most ambitious goals is right around the corner.

...setting the financial foundation for my business and my son. Maintaining my clients in the coming year and I've moved into my new house while using meditation & focused prayer....



Meet Your Coach

Deon Stokes @TheFaceOf Ambition

For almost 2 decades I've helped women just like you


  • Scale their businesses to over 6 & 7-figure months

  • Manifest their business and personal goals

  • Find clarity, reduce overwhelm, and align their intentions


But what I am most passionate about is helping women reach their most ambitious goals. As a 4x Founder I know that the missing piece to operating in your greatness isn't expensive courses or coaches. It's setting goals and being held accountable

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You are tired of wasting time and spending money trying to live the life of your dreams

You are completely over the course and pep talks that motivate you but fade over time

The dread of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious is taking its toll on your physical and mental health


You're ready to know what it feels like to have control over your time and budget

You have given up on losing weight. The thought of failing at a diet again is the reason you have STOPPED even trying

You have tried to do it on your own and fallen short time after time?

Finally, What You Have Been
Missing In One Place!


We have created a CLIQUE of accountability partners who are strangers (which is very important) that are working together and helping each other reach their individual goals

A Network

Your Clique will become family. You are networking with like-minded women who share the desire for more. They are tired of doing the same thing the same way and are unapologetically ambitious


A Coach

 You are given a dedicated coach who is going to guide your growth. Offering grace when it is deserved and applying pressure when it is needed.

A Plan

Your Plan, Your Dream, Your Purpose, Your Life. We are here to support it. Just as fluid as life is, plans can be altered. But a plan and goal are different. We will reach the goal, the plan will have to just learn to keep up. It can change and bend but it will be met.

A Goal

Most goals can be achieved in 90 days if it is created using the SMART goal methodology. We will work together to create meaningful goals that will allow you to live the life of your dreams

A Deadline

This is the most important of them all. A deadline gives your plan's purpose. Our deadline is already set - 90 Days. Most BIG goals can be met in 90 days if they are created with intention. All you need is focus and accountability


...being held accountable and having a mentor like you (Deon) has changed everything - from how I organize my day and run my business.



Only $23 Per Month

Weekly Goal Setting Check - In Emails

Monthly Mastermind Courses from Industry Leaders

Weekly Affirmations and Mindset Exercises

Weekly Organizational & Goals Challenges 

Free Downloadable Content and Products

Goal Setting Assessments and Guidance


You Achieving Your Most Ambitious Goals In The Next 90 Days

Scaling Your Business

Losing Weight

Starting a Small Business

Saving Money

Becoming More Disciplined

Getting Organized

Improving Your Mindset

Building Your Brand

Increasing Your Confidence

Creating Lasting Habits

Improving Your Spiritual Life

Prioritizing Your Self-Care


Perfecting your Daily Schedule

Setting Boundaries


Getting a Promotion or Raise

Giving More to Your Community

Prioritizing Your Health

Making a Career Change

Financial Freedom

Finding Romantic Companionship

Expanding Your Social Network


And So Much More!

You Are 85% More Likely To Reach Your Goals With An Accountbility Partner

Join Clique.ish Today!

Start Today!

Monthly Payments of


What If My Goal(s) is Super Specific? Can This Work For Me?
Yes, these are your goals. We offer tools, suggestions, and weekly accountability check-in to help you reach your goals in just 90 days.

How Will I Receive Content and Invites?
We will send you weekly emails with member details. As long as we have a good email you will always be connected. 

Do You Offer Refunds If This Process Is Not For Me?
No. Because you receive access to our program immediately, however, you can cancel at any time. 

Can I cancel my plan at any time?
Absolutely, you can cancel your monthly plan at any time.

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